Monthly Archives: August 2018

View From The Bridge – Episode 3

Ask not what your club can do for you etc......* Comfortably seated around the cockpit table in the fading sun talk turned to how we each joined Phoenix and why.  The “hows” showed a multitude of pathways but there seemed to be a common theme with the “whys”.  For most people it seems that belonging…
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2018 Summer Cruise Week 9 – Troon to Deganwy

Crew: Peter Clare (S), Andy Taylor (M), John Liddy (W/L), Nick Carter, Phillip Harries Distance logged: 328NM Heading to Troon from the sun-drenched south, as soon as we left Glasgow Airport we realised that our summer weather had, temporarily at least, departed, to be replaced by a steady drizzle and temperatures about 10 degrees lower.…
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A Midweek Cruise to Normandy

Robert Lewcock (Skipper) Bob Cousins (Mate) John Jennison Peter Hammond After over 5 weeks of blistering summer sunshine we had all been carefully studying the weather predictions and looking forward to a chance to enjoy some cool sea breezes.  As things stood it looked as though the high sitting over Northern Europe would continue to…
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