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Quartette has made landfall in Mainland UK

Quartette reached Plymouth this afternoon (Tuesday 16th) to sighs of relief from the Cruise Co-ordinator and, perhaps, some of those on the Sailing Committee, who had endorsed the plan over a year ago. Well done too to Bob and his crew of Terry, John B and John C. No doubt having to cope with north-easterlies,…
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Successful re-masting of Quartette on the Garonne

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Just a quick line to say that QT was successfully re-masted in Pauillac, despite a broken crane (we used the dock ‘baby’ alternative as per photo’s attached), rigging tensioned and re-fitted. The last I heard Bob, Terry and John were happily sailing north, in Biscay, somewhere.

There were no major issues with the re-masting operation, other than the deck electrical connections which the on-board electrical engineer is dealing with. We fitted a new tricolor/anchor light and a new steam/deck flood.

After a delightful, relaxing and sunny week motor boating from Toulouse to Pauillac, I am happy to report that apart from the cruise back to Gosport, the Mediterranean Summer Cruise is concluded. There are a few accounting issues to clear up and we need to see if there is any significant canal/river damage to QT’s hull when she comes out, but as far as I know there are no other boat issues to worry about.

Andy Bowerman 8th September 2014


Quartette has reached Toulouse

Quartette arrived in Toulouse on Friday evening 29th August on schedule and was handed over to the new crew of Bob, Andy, Nicola, John and Terry, who set out downstream on Saturday afternoon on the Canal Lateral a la Garonne towards Bordeaux. They have many miles to cover during the current week to reach Pauillac…
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